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Volume 15 Issue 2 Pages 68 - 127 (October 1998)

Citation: Wildlife Protection Society of India (1998). Otter Skins Confiscated. IUCN Otter Spec. Group Bull. 15(2): 113

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Otter Skins Confiscated

Wildlife Protection Society of India

On 6 November 1997, in Meghala, Assam, India, the following materials being transported from Jowai to Champai in the Garo Hills were seized: 113 kg of ivory; a 9 ft piece of tiger Panthera tigris (App. I) skin and 13.5. kg of tiger bones; 4 pieces of leopard P. pardus (App. I) skins, 13 pieces of river otter skins; and 20 kg of Pangolin Manis (App. II) scales. The items were to be sent to Myanmar and onto China.

Three persons who were arrested in connection with the incident were released on bail but a notice was issued for their re-arrest.

Wildlife Protection Society of India, Aranyak Nature Club, Guwahati, India.

Cited from: TRAFFIC Bulletin 1998, 17, 89.

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